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10. Restoran KLEMIC


Distance to the airport 100 km
Distance from the ambulance 500 m
Distance to the sports field 500 m
Distance to the beach 150 m
Distance to the bus station 100 m
Distance from the center 150 m
Distance to the disco 350 m
Distance to shops 50 m
Distance to the post office 250 m
Distance to the pharmacy 300 m
Distance to restaurants 0 m
Distance to sea 10 m
Distance to water sports 150 m

A perfect for any meal of the day, this restaurant in the marine in a part of Podgora called ''Porat'' offers various dalmatian delicacies including fresh fish and a great wine list. As the extremly friendly hosts that they are the staff of this restaurant will make your stay in Podgora that much more unforgetabble.
                 Guests of PuntaTours can use this resturant for a halfpansion service which includes a continental type breakfast + dinner which consists of 3 choice dishes ( a soup and a main fish or a main meat dish) +  a side dish, a salad and a dessert.  An additional possibility is a fullpansion service which requires extra payment or having only lunch or breakfast service.