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38. Šunde Ivica

Villa Šunde Ivica has 6 doublebed rooms with own bathrooms and balconies ... More

37. Šunde Divna

The villa Sunde Divna is in the center of the town. More

28a. Borić Velimir

Villa is situated in a very atractive street with beautiful sea ... More

63. Radojković Slaven

In a very quiet part of Podgora, beside auto-camp and not far from the ... More

55. Sumić Ivo (Petar)

Villa Sumic is situated in the centre, above hotel Podgorka. Villa is very ... More

Hotel Mediteran

Hotel has 346 beds, pavilion type. Located in the town center and open ... More

79. Mrkušić Boris

Villa Mrkušić is situated in Gornja Podgora, with magnificent sea view. ... More


Island of Korčula

According to legend, Korčula was founded in 12th century BC by a Trojan ...More


Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to experience The River Flows and ...More

Island of Brač

Exactly 12 miles distant from Podgora. Brač, island of stone, sun and the ...More

Fish picninc Hvar - Brač

Trip to island of Hvar, to town of Jelsa or Vrbovska and to island of ...More


Krka waterfalls are located in the National Park Krka. Falls dressing over ...More


Romanesque, gothic and renessaince town, all in one. This town is without ...More