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64. Villa DUBRAVKA

       Beautifully decorated and right near the ... More

35. Marinović Ivana

Located in the middle of the centre of Podgora this modern style villa ... More

Hotel Mediteran

       This brand new, renovated hotel with its ... More

38. Šunde Ivica

       150 meters away from the beach and the sea ... More

77. Villa PODGORA

Villa PODGThe villa is located in the foothills of the Biokovo mountain ... More

41a. Šunde Maksim

Located in the centre of Podgora this villa is close to various stores, ... More

56. Vodanović Delfina

      Being just 10 meters away from the main street, ... More


Island of Korčula

According to legend, Korčula was founded in 12th century BC by a Trojan ...More


Krka waterfalls are located in the National Park Krka. Falls dressing over ...More


Romanesque, gothic and renessaince town, all in one. This town is without ...More


World known shrine located 60 km northeast of Podgora.More


Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to experience The River Flows and ...More

Fish picninc Hvar - Brač

Trip to island of Hvar, to town of Jelsa or Vrbovska and to island of ...More

Island of Brač

Exactly 12 miles distant from Podgora. Brač, island of stone, sun and the ...More