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19. Vela Hilda

Neraby entrance of Podgora there is a new and modern villa Hilda, very ... More

41d. Vulinović Žarko

VilIa Vulinović is situated in the centre of Podgora, just behind villa ... More

08a. Vela Tanja

Villa is situated in a harbour, with magnificient atmosphere of fishing ... More

11. Vela Marija

Villa is situated near the entrance of town, near the sea, far enough ... More

Hotel Aurora

The hotel AURORA has 150 rooms and 3 apartments, all furnished with ... More



Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to experience The River Flows and ...More

Island of Korčula

According to legend, Korčula was founded in 12th century BC by a Trojan ...More

Mountain Biokovo

You can take the minibus to the top of the mountain, and from there it's a ...More


World known shrine located 60 km northeast of Podgora.More


Krka waterfalls are located in the National Park Krka. Falls dressing over ...More

Island of Brač

Exactly 12 miles distant from Podgora. Brač, island of stone, sun and the ...More


The biggest town in Dalmatia, Croatia's second largest, after Zagreb, ...More